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Startle Garden Now is the gardening book to help you plan growing your best garden in easy to follow steps

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Startle Garden Now Book


Since we’ve been back, I’ve been taking more time to sit and enjoy the garden.  I often find myself day dreaming with thoughts of what to plant this spring.

Day dreaming is fun but sometimes it detours progress and keeps me from reaching my goals. In order for those dreams to become a reality the truth is I need to make a plan.

You and I already know this, but sometimes it’s easy to push planning aside and focus on what we want.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, I’ve been making a plan to shrink the garden because 2020 is going to be a busy year.


My biggest goal is to keep on Startle Gardening because friends this system works perfectly and I can’t imagine gardening any other way.

It has allowed me to enjoy the process and grow with ease without all the intense labor.


Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Well that’s why I wrote Startle Garden Now, to help gardeners realistically meet their goals and have fun during the process.

If your wish is to grow a garden that’s easy to maintain, then you’re in the right place.


Startle Garden Now is step by step instruction.

What Makes Startle Garden Different?

Maybe you’re wondering, “What makes Startle Garden different from all the other gardening books out there?”


It’s easy to follow and understand which means it’s doable…


This book is focused on simplifying the process and using methods proven to work for generations.

Friends, gardening doesn’t need to be complicated.  Life is complicated enough and if gardening is going to be an enjoyable hobby then it’s important to use a guide that can help you plan and grow your best.


For years I would read gardening books only to set them aside because they over dramatized this activity. The approach was technical instead of engaging and let’s just say excitement to get started wasn’t there.

The idea of beginning from scratch felt like it would take years to meet all my goals because the information provided was overloaded.

Meaning there was a lot of filler that wasn’t necessary. Can you relate?


But then I remember something my grandma use to tell me.  “You can do anything you set your mind to…”

It’s was great advice and I embraced that “can do” attitude when I decided to shrink our farm garden several years ago.  Going from an open field growing space to raised beds seemed like a lot of work and at first it was.


When I broke things down into steps using small raised beds that are taller things started to come together.

Grandma was right you can do anything you set your mind to and I also remember her always saying, enjoy the process…


Gardening definitley doesn’t need to be complicated, in Startle Garden Now we begin with learning how to choose a space, establish raised beds and amend soil.

This is so important and the key to garden success.

From there I take you down the road to pure simplicity…



The Road to Startle Garden Now Includes:

  • How to begin with seed and choosing what to plant; this can be fun for the entire family.
  • You’ll discover how to transplant starters, watch them grow and harvest in easy steps.
  • Most important you’ll learn how to maintain a Startle Garden from one season to the next.
  • We also discuss adding garden flair to personalize your space, friends this is so much fun!


Startle Garden Now includes a checklist to keep from skipping steps.

The Startle Garden Checklist

One of my favorite additions to this book is the checklist…

This list is really helpful especially if you’re beginning from scratch because it makes sure you never skip a step.

Additional note pages follow which is also nice…


It’s my hope you consider joining me in this awesome gardening journey I call, Startle Garden Now.

Whether you’re wanting to simplify your current garden or start new I’m here to help be your guide to a fun and amazing gardening.

You can also sign up below and receive our free garden planner, it makes a great companion to this book.


Startle Garden Now is available in the shop via digital download or on Amazon in print.  


Smiles and Sunshine – Carole West

Startle Garden Now Book

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