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Learn to grow fresh healthy food with Startle Garden Herbs

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For years I’ve enjoyed growing fresh herbs in my garden.

The benefits that followed are too many to count but if I had to choose just one it would be, quality of life.

Which means, better health.


You just can’t put a price tag on good health.

While growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s and I remember her saying quite often, “You are what you eat.”

I always thought that was such a weird statement…

Well, it really wasn’t that weird after all; I started taking it to heart years ago and I’m better off because of it…


So, why did I write Startle Garden Herbs?  To be honest it wasn’t on my radar of things to accomplish…

I’ve written several blog posts about herbs, sharing countless tips and every time I hit publish, comments and emails follow, which is always awesome.


These messages included some great questions and it didn’t take me long to realize a Startle Garden book about growing herbs would be neat.

With a book you can organize everything you hope to share in one format.  Something you can hold in your hands and use as a valuable resource from one season to the next.

As an author it’s a great feeling knowing you’re helping others achieve their goals.

So, from there, I decided to write a second gardening book…


Startle Garden Herbs is loaded with information beginning with plant profiles for perennial and annual herbs.

These profiles include options perfect for the startle growing system.

The options are many…


Do you need the first book to enjoy SGH?    Absolutely Not…

However, if you’re new to gardening or seeking to grow in raised beds for the first time you’ll want to consider both books, SGN and SGH.


Here’s why, I don’t garden like everybody else and there’s a reason for that.

Gardening for me is about studying how nature and growing works together in a natural setting.

  • I don’t cut corners to speed up the process.
  • I don’t use fancy ingredients or chemicals to make things happen.
  • I use tips proven to work for generations.


I’ve taken what I learned from my grandmother, my gardening mentor and later in life added my own twist.

My focus is to work hard and smart in the beginning so I don’t have to work harder to maintain my garden in the long stretch.

If that sounds appealing to you then yes please purchase Startle Garden Now.

You won’t be disappointed, just read the reviews here…


Inside Startle Garden Herbs I’ve included my tips and tricks and discuss growing herbs in raised beds and containers.

I’ve also covered garden flair projects because what’s a growing space without adding your personal touch?

Get a rundown of the chapter list here.


The book continues with how to harvest, craft and cook with these amazing plants from garden to kitchen.  Which means there’s an amazing, detailed chapter on how to cook with fresh herbs.

This chapter was vital because this is where quality of life transpires.

I’ve shared my own recipes and some are family favorites like grandma’s Italian Polenta with stew sauce.

I poured my heart into this book, like everything I do and it’s my hope you enjoy SGH as much as I enjoyed writing each chapter.


If you’re seeking to learn more about growing fresh herbs then I’d like you encourage you to begin here.


Start with our Special Bundle offer or go straight to SGH here.


Printed copies can be purchased on Amazon


Thanks for joining me today, grow fresh and move forward…

Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

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