How to Make a Creative Garden Sign

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Do you ever feel like once the garden is planted there is more you could do to make that space unique?

That was me, five years ago and I’d like you to ponder the idea of adding a little garden flair to your growing space.

This is something I enjoy by making creative signs to personalize the outdoors.



For my travel garden I had an idea to make this inspirational sign.

This project would also work as a backdrop because placing the plant stand left me with an undesirable location.

The sign was a way to block part of the RV where the sun beams beautifully until 2 pm.

Plus, I also love this message, “Bloom Where you are Planted” It reminds me that no matter where life takes you, we’re called to shine…


This post contains Amazon and Dixie Belle and Cutting Edge Stencils affiliate links that means if you make a purchase after clicking, there’s no additional cost to you, but I will earn a small commission.  Click here to read site terms.


Project Supply List

With a basic supply list, you’ll find these items for the wood base at any home improvement store.

As for the paint and stencil, those details are linked below.

A sign such as this could also be made from scrap wood and the dimensions can be adjusted to make something similar so have fun with it.

Course if this idea feels out of reach then be sure to check out my shop because I’ve decided to make and sell garden signs.


Sign Assembly and Preparation

  1. Begin by cutting the 5.5-inch board, two pieces at 24 inches each.
  2. Cut 3.5 board, one at 24 inches and three at 14.5 inches.  Measure width prior, wood size can fluctuate due to moisture.
  3. Line up the 24-inch boards face down and take the 14.5-inch boards and place towards the top, middle and bottom.
  4. Connect 6 screws per each board, this will assemble the sign into a whole piece and remember to drill pilot holes first.
  5. Lightly sand unless you prefer a smooth back drop.


Dry Brush Painting Sign Base

Painting the sign base is optional using Dixie Belle colors, driftwood and cotton.

This dry brush technique is best applied with a cheap paint brush because you want wispy bristles.

  • You’re simply load and then unload prior to applying.
  • Light brisk an x pattern going against the grain.  If you’re unsure, practice on the backside first.
  • Apply driftwood first, cover the entire platform, front, back and sides, then repeat with cotton.

This paint dries fast so within 15 – 20 minutes you can be done and prep for stenciling.

Getting Ready to Stencil

This sunflower stencil was originally much larger with a full-length stem.  I was only interested in the bloom, so a little modification was implemented for storage purposes.

This is a really neat stencil and Cutting Edge did a great job producing this design.


If you’re new to stenciling get my step by step instructions here.  

We’ll be doing some color mixing and stencil blending with this project so make sure you have supplies handy before beginning.


Mixing Colors to Complete Transfer

Color mixing is a lot of fun and because my current paint supply is shrinking, I’ve chosen to give these Waverly paints a try.

I do like these smaller containers and the limited selection is nice because it’s faster to make selections.

With all that being said I used, Dixie Belle, midnight sky for the letter transfer with zero mixing.


Color Mixing

  • Sunflower center mix truffle and merlot then transfer with ease.
  • Sunflower petals begin with maize from the outside in.
  • Then mix a little maize with pumpkin on paper plate before applying to the space between the petals and center.
  • For the leaf’s first lightly apply moss.
  • On a paper plate mix moss and malachite and apply in a blended formation.


Steps to Achieve the Finish Piece

We’re almost towards completion and I want to give you a run down on how I added each application.

This wasn’t a complicated process just worth noting because it evolved on its own.

  1. First apply part of the sunflower head in the left corner.
  2. Then apply the main sunflower and leaves towards the bottom right and let dry.
  3. Move onto applying the phrase, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”
  4. Then add the additional leaves to the left and right.

When completed let it dry for at least 10 hours and spray with a protective clear coat.

Now it’s time to decide how you want to hang the sign, I used rope.

Hanging with Rope

I chose rope because it would be hanging from a hook with no back drop.

I’m no physics major, so figuring out how to apply the rope with limited supplies wasn’t easy.

A staple gun would have been the perfect solution, instead this is what I did…

  1. Take the leftover wood and cut at 14 inches.
  2. Cut rope to your desired length and add two double knots at each end.
  3. Use three screws to connect the board over the top of the rope.
  4. The knots keep the rope from slipping so it hangs face forward and with a slight slant.

Smaller width rope might have decreased the slant but I’m okay with how it hangs.

This travel garden is coming together and next week I hope to chat more about growing in small containers.


For more garden sign projects you may also enjoy this spring sign and how about a stenciled hummingbird feeder?


Add a little inspiration to your garden and if you don’t have time for crafts then check out my garden signs here.

Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West


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  1. Patti says:

    Carole, this is truly gorgeous! I love the sentiment and the sunflower is a great added touch.

    1. Carole West says:

      Thank you Patti – I decided these are great words to live by…

  2. Jemma says:

    You have a way with wood, stenciling and creativity like no other! I always, always love your projects.
    I can see this sign being a fantastic addition to your traveling garden and also for a flower farm. You have me envisioning all types of spaces for this sign.

  3. Christine says:

    What a fun project, Carole!! That saying has been a favorite of mine ever since we did that hop a few years back!! I sill have my sign proudly hanging in my garden!!

    1. Carole West says:

      Thank you Christine,
      I do remember that hop – it was fun and I linked it at the end. I did give my project away and decided it was time to bring that saying back because it speaks volumes.
      Hope you stop by Monday because I’m growing something I think you’ll want to try.

      Hugs friend,

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