Make a Seasonal Centerpiece Box

Holiday Centerpiece boxes are the perfect addition to your Christmas centerpiece decorating. Get these fun stencil tips to make your own.

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Seasonal Centerpiece BoxEver since we decided to live tiny holiday decorating seems challenging.  My claim is there’s no room but what I failed to realize Christmas can be just as pretty when it’s simple.

So, I decided this year to make this seasonal centerpiece box and use it for my own inspiration to decorate.

First, I made one for my desk and then another with trees.  I found these boxes to be perfect for all sorts of things and it’s possible I may create another.

What I like most is they’re word free so when finished they look more like art.

Creating a Color Palette

This post contains affiliate links for Dixie Belle Paint and Cutting Edge Stencils Click here to read site terms.


The tree box begins with pine wood and has a Christmas theme to match a serving tray we made at one of my recent workshops.

Establishing the color palette was pretty easy because I used the same hues as the tray.  Get Paint Here!

Dixie Belle Paint Colors

  • Buttercream
  • Barn Red
  • Midnight Sky
  • Palmetto


Wood Staining with Paint

Paint Techniques

Midnight sky was added to the bottom board using a thin paint layer application. This was done by cutting an old brush to offer short bristles.  Cover the entire board with just one coat and let it dry.

The red and green boards were finished using paint staining.

This is one of my favorite tips and we use it in my workshops a lot, learn how to paint stain here.

These panting techniques are a breeze with Dixie Belle because the paint dries fast, especially if you begin with a thin layer first.  If you want a darker look then apply a second after the first dries.

The purpose of this technique is to add color but still get that touch of wood grain shining through.  It’s a winner tip and really adds natural beauty to any wood-base craft project.


Make & Take Workshops

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This is a gem and includes everything you need to know about establishing your own class.  You don’t need your own brick  and mortor location to teach these classes.

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Stenciling trees

Stenciling With StudioR12

The stencils for these projects came from Studio R12 and Farm Fresh came from Cutting Edge Stencils.

With the red box I just wanted to transfer trees so they almost overlap using the Palmetto green.

Stencil tips can be found here and if you’re looking for amazing brushes check out Cutting Edge, I love their stencil brushes.

Serving Tray with Centerpiece Box

Since the trees kind of appeared dark I decided to add buttercream as if snow had fallen.  I did this by reapplying the stencil and lightly going over the green.

It was the perfect solution and the trees were transferred on both sides of the box.

Finishing touches included adding handles that matched the tray and who doesn’t love jars filled with natural greens?

Centerpiece Box for the holidays


This blue box is my favorite and currently sits on my desk with a variety of jars inside.  The beauty of going with an everyday color pattern for this project is you can keep using it when the holiday season has passed.

This box would be cute for winter filled with pine cones and candles.

Seasonal Box Workshop

These ladies created their own boxes at one of our workshops and each one turned out fantastic.

For additional centerpiece box  ideas check out the copper cedar box and you may also like these multi-purpose gift boxes. 


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  1. Cd Loken says:

    Oh my, Carole that truck is perfect!! ❤️❤️ Now I definitely have to get that stencil and make a centerpiece box!! How awesome that you highlighted the trees with snow!! I would never have thought to do that!!

    1. Carole says:

      Love that truck too and this box can be adjusted to any size -such an easy build and I know your hubby could walk you through it.

  2. Patti says:

    That truck is super cute and I love both of the centerpiece boxes. The one with trees could be used all winter long and other any time of year. Also, how smart to use different levels of mason jars to fill up with whatever beauty you find outside. So easy and so beautiful.

    1. Carole says:

      Those boxes are so much fun – If I have a small class on Thursday I do think I’ll make another one. Would be great to have one match up with my Fall serving tray that I also use as additional counter space in the RV. Oh heads up – Loved your eBook and I’ve figured out what I’m going to make.

  3. Oh, I like the truck one. That’s different yet festive.

    We have so much going on this year, I might skip the whole house and tree decorating. Maybe a wreath for the outside and a centerpiece for the inside. Thank you for the ideas!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes that truck is a fun one. You will see it again probably the end of November because I have a neat complimentary project to go with it. I will use that tray in the RV for additional counter space – fits right over the sink. Anyways I hear you on the skipping decorating. I did that last year with the exception of decorating outdoors for the birds.

      Christmas has gotten so commercialized that it tends to ruin it for me it. So this year my plan is to just keep it simple, stay home more and enjoy time together. Oh and of course hallmark movies. LOL

  4. daisy says:

    The pick-up truck is my favorite! They all look so inviting!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes the truck is a fun one! Having fun creating with wood.

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