Make a Woodland Fairy Garden

Make a fun and beautiful woodland fairy garden using natural elements and Mary Engelbreit flower fairies.

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Make a woodland fairy garden

I started this woodland fairy garden last month and had the best intentions of sharing it around the first day of spring.

Then life took a shift…

It was a pretty good turn and since our son was here, I decided to let the blog go and enjoy our time without a “To Do” list of business activity.

This was before we headed down wisteria lane. 


We all had a good time enjoying the outdoors and the guys spent their afternoons hog hunting…

So, while that was going on, I played in the dirt and came up with this spring inspired, woodland fairy garden planter.

Supplies for Fairy Planter


This project was filled with simplicity and things I already had.  Well mostly…

A few new plants were purchased to fill in the gaps.

Let’s take a look at the supply list before we chat about those faded fairies.


Fairy Garden Supplies

  • Metal Container – Better Homes and Garden container from Walmart – Purchased on clearance last summer.
  • Petrified wood – Rocks I found at the property.
  • Thyme plant
  • Two violas and one dianthus.  You may enjoy this read about carnations here.
  • Copper wire
  • Tree twigs and potting soil.
  • Mary Engelbreit fairies

Here’s the thing about those fairies, I’ve had mine for a couple of years and they’re not easy to find.

I did a little online hunting and found these links (non affiliated) at the best price I could uncover.

If you’re into fairy gardening, you’re going to love what each website has to offer.

Let’s just say that Jewel, Maisie and Lily have caught my attention…


Before and After Flower Fairies


Here are my tired fairies GiGi and Eva.   After several garden seasons they have faded beyond belief.

Since Robert is a toy soldier painter, I took advantage of his skills and asked him to make these fairies look new again.

He did great and even gave them painted toe nails.


When he brought them to me,  I smile and within minutes, GiGi and Eva flew into the garden.

They were thrilled with their cutting edge look and quickly returned to the garden to see what might be new.


Sometimes turning something old into a brighter creation is a reminder new direction is seeded in all of us.



Planting with annual bloomers and Thyme


Securing Potted Plants

While GiGi and Eva were flying through the garden I continued working on this planter.

It already had a thyme plant secured in the center and all I had to do was place two violas and one dianthus plant.


This planter needed some color and the week prior when I purchased these plants the selection was minimal.

Choosing blooming plants is the fun part, select a combination you enjoy and create a container planter that makes you smile.



Adding sticks and copper to create a natural look in the fairy garden.

Adding Sticks , Rocks and Copper Trellis

The final step included the copper trellis.  I twisted a weathered piece around a new copper wire and inserted into the planter.

Then I added the rocks and finished with twigs I gathered from nature.


If you select twigs with a bend you can almost create a birdcage impression by inserting towards the edge where they can bow inward.


Even at the finishing point of this project I could tell something was missing.

A little detail that makes me smile…

I whistled and flying in full speed, came GiGi and Eva ready to call this planter home.


Fairy gardens can be simple or elaborate and they’re a fun way to play in the garden and remember that with a little creativity anything is possible.


For more adventures with GIGI and Eva you may enjoy, Terracotta Fairy Garden and  Fairy Garden Box.


Enjoy a Great Day Everyone and See the Good…

Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

Make a woodland fairy garden

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  1. Penny says:

    Hi Carole, love Gigi and Eva, I was wondering when they would make another appearance in one of your creations. Looks Amazing, I love what you come up with. I sincerely hope you and your family are well and safe over there in Texas, here in Australia we are doing well, and I have been working on my new old house. I have a kitchen now.. yipee… stay safe and god bless you all. Thanks for your posts, they are a welcome addition to my day 😊😊😊 Penny

    1. Carole West says:

      Hello Penny,
      So good to hear from you and glad you’re doing well. You know my Australian audience has been growing lately…
      So yes after a little paint Gigi and Eva are back in action. We are doing good here, safe, healthy and on the road again…
      I bet your kitchen is wonderful, sometimes I really miss having a big cooking area. I get over it when it’s time to clean up, lol…
      I’m writing more and loving it so I’ve decided to step things up a notch. Glad you enjoy and stay healthy friend.

  2. Christine says:

    What a fun post and project!! I learned something new about Robert too!! He did an amazing job on the fairies! They look brand new!! I’m sure they will do an amazing job protecting your gardens while you are away!!

    1. Carole West says:

      It was fun and those fairies are taking good care of that garden. Our son is also there so hopefully he’ll keep an eye on the beds we left behind. Made changes to that garden and looking forward to sharing soon.

      I’m getting ready to work on my traveling garden and thinking a few additional fairies may be necessary. Robert is quite the painter and maybe someday I’ll share his soldiers on Instagram. They’re so detailed, he’s currently painting a mummy army with an Egyptian theme. It’s pretty neat…

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