Make Garden Signs that Inspire

Make garden signs for your planting area that inspire positive and good messages with these DIY steps.

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Inspirational Stenciling board finished

It’s no secret that making garden flair for any growing space is my kind of fun.

This sign is no exception and after mixing my two favorite things, flowers and positive words I was inspired.

Let me walk you through the creative process because this is one project, you’ll want to make more than once.

Preparing the board for paint stain and stenciling.

This post contains affiliate links for Dixie Belle Paint, Cutting Edge Stencils and Amazon Click here to read site terms.

Supplies and Getting Started

Project details begin with Dixie Belle Paint, Cutting Edge Stencils and positive message stencil from Studio R12.

Before we dive right in let’s talk about this piece of wood.  I used 2 ft. of a 2 x 10 pine board, that’s it!  Nothing more and nothing less because this beauty offered the perfect design space.

Wood can be purchased new at any home improvement store and you’ll want to make sure it’s quality, meaning the board isn’t warped.

Most 2 x 8’s come in 8 ft. so it will need to be cut.  I used our table saw; if that isn’t an option then have someone with more experience cut it for you or ask the store attendant. Home depot offers one free cut on all their wood.

One board will give you 4 sign opportunities so you could even make one for a friend.

Supply List

  • One 2 x 10 eight- ft. pine board cut into four 2 ft. pieces.  If you already have a 2 ft. board, then grab and sand it.
  • Saw and Sand Paper
  • Dixie Belle Paint – for this project I used Lemonade and Stormy Seas, purchase here.
  • The floral and wheat sprigs came from Cutting Edge Stencils, purchase here.
  • Studio R12 Life is beautiful Stencil here
  • Stencil brush, rag, tape, and paper plate for staining and stenciling will also be necessary.


Get started by sanding the board after it’s cut then follow through with paint staining all sides of the board.

I used stormy seas for this technique which can be found here.  Paint staining is a matter of rubbing the paint into the wood grain leaving behind a light natural appearance. Dixie Belle paint makes this step so easy and they have a wide variety of colors to pick from.

Once the board is dry then arrange your stencils to see how you want things to look.

My best advice is to keep it simple, let the message stand out and complement the flower choice.  Cutting Edge Stencils has a fantastic selection of floral; I used anemone.

Stenciling with Dixie Belle Paint

Transferring Stencils to Board

In keeping things simple I transferred the stencils with one color, lemonade from Dixie Belle.  This is such a fun color because it’s light and crisp.

Working with these lighter colors’ over a basic white adds interest.

Use tape to keep your stencil from moving and if you’re new to stenciling, tips can be found here. 

How to clean your stencils click here;and remember to quality paint, clean right away and your stencils will last a long time.

Two ideas for inspirational stencil signs

Finished Board and How to Use

Once the boards are finished, I recommend using a clear coat to protect for longevity.  Dixie belle has fantastic options my favorite would be their clear coat.

I actually made two boards, the Dream like anything’s possible is used indoors.  I like to place it over the sink allowing me to slide dishes in but not have to wash right away. I call this out of sight out of mind and with limited counter space this pretty addition helps.

But what I really like is to use these boards in the garden because they add a little artistic goodness.  They would even look neat with small clay pots sitting on top.

This is an easy project that doesn’t take but an afternoon to complete and adds so much to the outdoors.  It would also make a great workshop project, something to share with friend or teach others.

If the idea of teaching a workshop sparks interest, check out my book Make and Take Workshops here.


These boards can be placed in resting or blooming raised beds and sometimes I even like to place them in front of the beds when the growing season is in high gear.

Making inspirational garden flair doesn’t need to be complicated. This is a simple way to personalize your garden and add positive thoughts at the same time.

To learn more about my passion for garden art check out my book, Startle Garden


Garden Signs with Inspirational Messages

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  1. ColleenB.~Tx. says:

    your signs are great. Good way for me to use up some of the scrap wood that I have laying around.
    Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

    1. Carole says:

      Signs are so fun to make and a perfect way to use up that scrap wood. Enjoy and hope your weekend is fantastic.

  2. You have such a wonderful eye for design and color. They’re beautiful!

    I have stencils on my Amazon wish list. I’d love to start making some signs to sell.

    I have a question about the paint though. Can I use it on something really porous like clay pots? I’ve been thinking of decorating some of my bigger pots.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Maria, I do enjoy creating it’s kind of a healing outlet and has been for years. I have used this Dixie Belle on clay pots (terracotta) worked great, I did use their clear coat which is a great protector and improves longevity. Shipping on their paint is pretty high unless you spend $50 or more and then it’s only $10. Or you can check their website and see if they have any local vendors in your area.

      I think making signs to sell is a great idea!

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