Books By Carole West

Quail Getting Started

QGS was written for beginners interested in raising quail on the ground for the purpose of eggs and meat. These birds are perfect for any homestead or backyard.

  • Discover breeds, beginning with Coturnix Quail.
  • Where to purchase quail locally and online.
  • Starting with chicks and brooder set-up.
  • Raising from chicks and how to feed.
  • Building Plans offer a variety of ground style housing options.
  • Building Plans for travel cages and shelter boxes.
  • Checklist so you don't skip steps.

Startle Garden Now

Plan to grow your best garden using smaller and taller raised beds that are easy to maintain.  We've simplified the process without skipping steps.  

  • Learn how to choose a space, build and establish healthy raised beds.
  • Amend beautiful soil with direct compost and natural materials.
  • Get Seasonal maintenance so the soil is always prime.
  • How to begin with seed, transplanting, grow and harvest.
  • Personalize your space with neat DIY garden projects.
  • Beginners will learn the garden process in sequence.
  • Includes checklist and workbook pages for planning.

    Startle Garden Herbs

    Discover growing, harvesting, crafting and cooking with fresh herbs.  Learn to select the right plants for a startle garden system.

    • We Continue with smaller and taller raised beds.
    • Explore detailed perennial and annual herb profiles.
    • Learn how to select, grow, harvest and preserve fresh herbs.
    • Duplicate easy to make DIY projects for the home and garden.
    • Improve health by cooking with fresh herbs.
    • Enjoy our family favorite recipes.
    • SGH is waiting to add value to your lifestyle.

    Make & Take Workshops

    Turn your craft into cash and a neat opportunity for others to learn a new skill.

    • Learn how to teach a class and find your teaching style.
    • How to seek the right location and what to charge.
    • Learn to set up a workshop from layout, class size and what supplies are necessary.
    • Get the facts about how affiliate programs work, learn about referrals and how to get free products.
    • How to Market your classes and new business by establishing an online presence, advertising and social media.
    • Includes printable worksheets to help you plan without skipping steps.


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