October Checklist

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It’s hard to believe October is here and my chickens finally found the garden, I have about 10 from my flock of 25 that show up in the afternoon to eat bugs.  At three months old they’re huge as they look more like 5 month old chickens.

I guess a free range lifestyle really does boost their growth.

The garden is in need of rain as its been slow going.  I almost thought I would walk away from having a fall garden, I normally don’t have to water as much after summer fades.

Let’s get started with what needs attention in our October garden and remember this can vary across the country as many are winding down and cleaning things up.  Keep in mind all that clean-up is perfect for establishing new raised beds or if you add it to a compost pile.

Other options would be to burn and then add the ashes back into the soil.

If you’re garden is still growing then keep reading because there are a few things we can do to help improve activity.

Vegetable Garden

This month involves harvesting and more time in the kitchen.  Many of us are finishing and storing their harvest for the winter months.

If you planted a fall garden you’re either weeding or taking care of the plants. You also have additional planting options available if you want to increase your plant variety.

Remember to keep an eye out for the first frost; I use burlap bags, plastic or tarps to protect my plants from freeze.

Helpful Links to Check Fall Freeze Dates

Texas Planting Zones & Farmer’s Almanac

The Fruit Garden

If you want strawberries get those plants in the ground now.

I added mine in a covered raised bed about three weeks ago.  You will also want to mulch these plants to protect their roots from frost.

I noticed some berry plants at the nursery the other day so don’t hesitate and if  you live in zone 7 transplanting in the early morning or late evening would be a good option if you want to add blueberries.

I would also add mulch to protect from cooler temperatures.


In The Flower Garden

Planting bulbs continues if you want to enjoy next Spring.

You might want to visit your local nursery to see what’s available and remember it’s also a good time of year to pick up perennials for a good price.  Most places are downsizing their inventory in preparation for Winter.

They might not have many available but you never know what you might find at a discount.

Otherwise enjoy what’s blooming now, take pictures so you have a reminder of their beauty to inspire you through the winter months.

Enjoy those cooler temperatures and perhaps grab a pumpkin latte on your way to the nursery.

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  1. JBArts says:

    I love reading other peoples lists. I might be weird, but its nice to see what others are doing and what else I should be adding to my lists of things to do. I have started to keep a notebook in my purse so that when I am driving or out and about I have a place to write down random thoughts that pop into my head…until I kept this notebook close I never realized how many random thoughts I had in a day lol. Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday. Make sure you come back Monday night at 10pm to link up any new posts!! http://www.liverandomlysimple.com

    1. Yep the garden needs a to list as well. I have one for life in general but I like to stay updated in the garden too. Helps me stay on track. Thanks for stopping by to share. – Carole

  2. That's great – I just got in from the garden after transplanting my raspberries. Busy day!

  3. Some good tips as fall is underway. Weeding is done and bulbs are all planted…not ready for winter quite yet!

    1. I agree I'm not ready for winter either. It's still in the 80's here so it feels like spring. -Carole

  4. Anonymous says:

    Garden tour- maybe you could do both pictorial and video? For example, I have access to fast enough internet service that I'm able to stream video, but my Mom doesn't, so she's only able to see pictures online… I'm looking forward to whatever you do! 🙂 ~Trish

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share and you made some valid points. I think I will do both, just waiting for a good rain before hand. Great to hear from you – Carole

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