Painting Outside Wood of Raised Beds

Get tips for painting the outside wood of raised beds for your garden.

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Painted Raised Beds

Several months ago I made the decision to paint the raised beds; the goal was to match the tiny house on lot #1 at Quail Grove.

I had a great start, ran out of paint and just never got around to finishing until last week when this awesome weather appeared.

We were in the high 60’s and 70’s in January and needless to say I spent most of my time outdoors.

Friends, sunny weather is when my happy feet shine…

Cleaning Dirt off Raised beds before painting


Painting is Debatable

Originally these beds were built and stained at different times. Which means each frame was a different shade of the same color due additional applications, sun weathered wood and it just didn’t work.

No matter how many coats of stain I applied they were shades off.

I even had my seed starter boxes all jazzed up with stencils and it was in my opinion a busy mess.   I don’t like busy…


After decreasing the size of the garden over the summer and making some of these beds taller I looked around and decided fresh paint would bring everything together.

I also thought fresh paint would extend the lifespan of each frame.

I was right but have to admit I’m not a huge fan of painted raised beds either…  Oh, the dilemma just kept going on from one day to the next.


I find that painting in the garden is a debatable topic and my advice is to not over think it.

There are so many product selections available these days and sometimes you just have to stop, do some quick research and make a decision with what works for you.  So, that’s what I did…


Before You Begin to Paint

Prior to painting I had to clean the exterior frames because there was dirt and debris lingering.   This can be done by scraping or washing off with a sponge and letting the beds dry before applying paint.

These beds are between 2 and 3 years old which brings me to selecting paint if you do choose to add color to your garden.

Painting Raised Beds

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Choosing Paint

Since I was matching colors with the Tiny House my options were limited.

I had one brand to pick from because trying to match that existing color with other companies was a nightmare.  Oh yes, I tried but apparently my failure to communicate in the retail world is lacking.

So last year, I called the Tiny House manufacture company which let me to Sherwin Williams Paint.  They helped me find and recreate the color of the Tiny House which led me to the brand Resilience.

This is pricy paint, an exterior acrylic latex.  Which made me sort of cringe for several reasons but I kept moving forward.

Here’s the thing, this paint stands up to the harsh Texas sunlight beautifully and after 2 applications you’re done.  This will extend the life of these beds for at least another 3 years.

I saw this as a win, win since we’ll eventually be moving on from this property.

Keep in mind the interior of all my raised beds is natural so yes, the wood will slowly rot from the inside out but the process will be slowed down.

Eventually all wood rots when left outdoors.

Now if you’re starting your garden project from scratch and would like to use paint or even stain that is cost effective and green friendly, I did some digging for you and found these options.

The first one I have used many times and love it. The kicker is you need to apply a protective coat like their wax or clear coat afterwards.


Newly Painted Garden beds

Needless to say, I’m glad this paint job is finished.

Now I’m in the planning stages of spring planting and it looks like flowers and herbs will fill these beds with goodness.

How are your garden plans coming along?  I’m one to plan early mainly because it helps me travel through winter at a faster pace.

If you need a little nudge check out my book, Startle Garden Now.  This is the system I use here on the blog and it’s so easy to care for.

Don’t forget to grab our Free Seasonal Garden Planner below which makes a great companion for any gardener and this book.

It’s perfect for organizing and meeting your goals if that is something you may be struggling with.

Thanks for joining me today and if you have additional questions about painting raised beds, I’d be happy to help.


Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

Painted Raised Beds

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  1. Jemma says:

    Good Morning Carole,
    Oh how I love everything about this post. The tranquility and neatness of the woods, the serene retreat and of course these awesome painted wood beds! I know this was a big project but goodness what a wow factor!. Love what you have created and you have inspired me to do the same. We have a list a mile long of Spring projects and now I have added another. Paint our raised Dahilia Beds. I actually prefer the painted over the natural and of course the shade you chose is perfect.

    1. Carole West says:

      The trees in the background I love too and think we’ve decided to just leave what’s there because it’s calming and I need that. Robert said, on the smaller box raised beds I should add funky door handles. That color is the same as the Tiny house on this property which is right behind the garden so it works well. Makes everything cohesive and my organized brain likes that. LOL

      I look forward to the day where I can create a garden for me without having to think about someone else maintaining it later. If that makes sesnse…
      Can hardly wait to see your garden, the dahilia’s you grew last year were amazing. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a neat day…

  2. Christine says:

    Your beds look great!! I myself prefer the natural wood look In the garden but whatever prolongs rotting is always a good thing!! I’m excited to plan all new gardens when we move!!🥰

    1. Carole West says:

      I’m a natural wood girl too so this was a really difficult decision to paint. Stain does great as well but with all those different shades of one color I failed to get them all the same tone. This was a faster and easier solution.

  3. Patti says:

    Your garden beds look great and how nice to know that they are good to go for another three years. Well worth the money I think. Looking forward to spring.

    1. Carole West says:

      Thanks Patti – yes ready for spring and extending the life of wood is always a good thing especially since somebody else will be living here one day.

  4. Sharing on The Weekend Edit! Also shared on my FB page Carole! I noticed that little hand print in the garden! I have one too!

    1. Carole West says:

      Thank you for shairng twice that’s super sweet of you. Those little hands were my sons, my daughters is not far behind near another bed. Just a little project I did with them when they were kiddos.

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