Planting A Fairy Box Garden

How to make fairy box gardens from selecting plants and adding neat details

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Fairy in the garden

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Planting a fairy garden is a matter of thinking small and creating a friendly setting.

For this project we begin with a box made from scrap wood, which was a fence board and some pine. After building I finished with painting and a peony design from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Paint came from Dixie Belle using colors Hurricane Gray, Tea Rose and Gravel Road.

Since this box was going to be placed outdoors I also applied a protective clear coat, get those details here. 

Fairy Box Planting

Fairy Garden Planting Materials

  • Organic Potting Soil
  • Four 4-inch low growing plants
  • Copper wire for arches
  • Twigs, rocks and mulch came from outside
  • Metal pot and Mary Engelbreit Fairies were things I already had.

Since I decided to plant directly in the box more drain holes were added using a drill in the container bottom prior to lining with potting soil.

Then I placed the metal pot and started adding plants in sections at different levels.  This was done by adding taller plants towards the back and short ones in the front.

If you’re seeking to design with blooming plants choose low growing or short annuals.  Opting for succulents may also be another option and herbs would also be fun.

Adding Copper Wire Arches

Adding Twigs and Copper Wire

Instead of creating a traditional miniature fairy display I decided to use natural elements from the land in addition to copper we had left over from a wiring project.

The twigs were stuck in towards the back and then I wove a few in front between the copper arch.  These arches are really easy to make starting with wire stripping off the plastic coating.

Once that was completed just bend in the shape of an arch and insert at least an inch so they don’t wobble.  I made two and one is a little smaller with a twist.

Note: Already to use copper wire can be purchased by the foot at any home improvement store in their electric department.

Adding Rocks for detail

Adding Rocks

Adding a few rocks for detail works great and if you want to get really creative then place in a row and present as a walk path.

By gathering just a few rocks it lightens the garden with interest.

Adding Piece of Mulch to help with moisture

Incorporating Mulch

The mulch also came from the ground, we made it last winter with our shredder.  Learn to Make Mulch Here.  

This was about 6 months ago and the mulch has darkened which adds a nice contrast.

Incorporating mulch will help the soil stay moist because these little gardens will need watering almost daily if temperatures are hot.

Planted Fairy Garden Box

Fairy Garden Details

Fairy garden details include the box because the container really accents nicely with this little garden.

Everything came together by creating a space that could almost tell a story.  But guess what?  It’s missing a key element and that’s our fairies.

So, I brought back Gi Gi and Eva.  If you missed their first adventure you can read about it here. 

GiGi found the perfect spot right under the short zinnias.

This space gives her the perfect place to bird watch because she’s found Quail Grove to be this wonderful habitat for bird activity.

She snuggles under the zinnias at nightfall and awakens early each day in search of bird activity, it’s a great life…

Fairy in the garden

Eva however likes to be front and center because no matter where she turns flowers are present.

These flowers seem to inspire each adventure and a little bird told me she’s actually waiting for butterflies because she loves the detail on their wings.

I have a feeling she’s a night owl and will spend most of her time dreaming and exploring the details this little garden has to offer.

Fairy Gardens

A little fairy garden such as this offers the opportunity to have fun and play in the dirt where creativity is welcome.

Gi Gi and Eva have discovered a new space that welcome’s adventure and their thankful to be outside enjoying all the wonderful things at Quail Grove.

We could learn something from these fairies, perhaps we should all stop once in a while and enjoy the beauty of nature?

Fairy Garden Boxes with Natural Elements

By keeping a fairy garden simple you end up with a display that sparks happiness.

When it’s time to water these plants and remove old blooms you can be reminded that it’s the little things in life that sometimes spark the next best thing.

This project has inspired another new idea because I have this feeling Gi Gi and Eva will ready for a new adventure once fall arrives.

Have some fun this summer, design and plant your own fairy box.


Flower Fairy Box Garden

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  1. Karen says:

    I love your fairy garden and would love to make one myself. Where did you find those darling fairy friends?

    1. Carole says:

      So glad you like it because I was planning on sending one to you and Hannah to make together. Give me a couple weeks. Those fairies came from a little shop in Rockwall not far from here. Anyways I really like Mary Engelbreit art and when I saw them I had to purchase two. This was about year ago… Anyways you might be able to find them on Amazon, just google ME fairies.

  2. Penny says:

    Hi Carol, I see your fairy friends are on another adventure ? I love that you write about what they are thinking, it makes me smile, even at my age…. Thankyou, you brighten my day ????

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Penny – They are on another adventure and if I can stay focused I have them scheduled for another one in the Fall. Smiling is good and so glad you enjoyed… This has been fun for me and will keep sharing these two. It’s funny because my kids called my grandma Gi Gi and she had a sister named Eva.

  3. daisy says:

    That is SO adorable! I can see you doing a workshop on this. Enjoy your fairies!

    1. Carole says:

      Yes mam – I have them scheduled for July and when I was at the Farmer’s Market on Sat one gal mentioned adding clay pots into that base and making an herb garden. What I love about those workshops is how others put a neat spin on things.

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