Make & Take Workshops


Make & Take Workshops eBook

Readers will learn how to transform their craft into a profitable business via workshops.

Product Includes 2 Downloads, Workshop Book and the Printable Workbook. This resource is loaded with learning.

  • How to teach your craft to a group.
  • How to choose locations for workshops.
  • How to market these classes.
  • What to charge for attendance to ensure repeat business.
  • How to set up a successful teaching environment.
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Important Download Details > This eBook comes with two files, the eBook and Printable Workbook. Receive both in customer checkout at Order Received, click the purple button or buttons on the invoice and your products will automatically download to your system.

About This Book

I started teaching Make & Take Workshops 5 years ago and the journey was fantastic. These classes included all age groups, focused on building kits, painting and stenciling.

This experience led me to sharing, how to create your own workshop.

Creative people with a special skill can use this resource to help transform your talent into a profitable business. The book is easy to understand and the attached workbook outlines important details.

You don’t need a brick and mortar location to offer workshops. What you need is the guidance and steps from someone who already mastered the process.

This book includes everything I learned to create Make & Take Workshops. -Carole West


What others are saying…

I read your ebook and looked over your workbook and I absolutely loved this! It was a great read and you really left no stone un-turned as far as details went. You even went into detail about how to price the classes which was a great tip! I would have NEVER thought of it that way!

You even go into affiliates and how to make some extra cash. The ebook was so helpful and insightful that I feel confident enough to go and start brainstorming my first class right now! That workbook is also super helpful because I don’t even have to think if I am remembering everything. You’ve covered it all! – Erika, Cutting Edge Stencils


Carole West’s new book “Make and Take Workshops” is the perfect guide for anyone who loves creating and working with people. Many people enjoy going to a friendly place to create something beautiful for their homes or to use as gifts. You can find wine and painting parties in many cities across the US. Why not expand this to other types of creative pursuits?

This  book shows Carole’s journey doing just that. She teaches how to take your favorite medium and use it to host workshops for others who want to learn or just get out for a fun afternoon or evening. Plus she gives you everything you need including an extensive workbook to turn this activity into a fun hobby, side hustle or a rewarding careerPatti, Hearth and Vine

“Carole’s’ latest book, “Make and Take Workshops is an invaluable resource for anyone thinking about taking their talents and skills to a whole new level. In this step by step guide, Carole walks you through each and every aspect of how to start a profitable business and shares her own personal experience as a successful entrepreneur.

Whether it’s tips on teaching, organization, marketing or ideas, and inspiration just to get you started, this book has it covered. Carole even provides a follow-along workbook so you can start putting your business plan into action right away! Christine, CD’s Country Living


Make & Take Workshops steps you through the process of turning your craft into a source of income by teaching all the steps needed from start to finish. From planning and background work to marketing and in-class tips for success, all the groundwork has been laid; all you’ll need to do is add your own personal details for your specific craft. 

The accompanying workbook provides actionable steps so you can begin establishing a business plan from the very first chapter. If you’ve got a craft  and want to earn an income, Make & Take Workshops is for you. Karen King