Quail Getting Started


Quail Getting Started

This book is for beginners interested in raising quail in a natural environment for the purpose of eggs and meat.  These birds are perfect for any small or large homestead.

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This book brings you the basics to raise quail for eggs and meat. This is a beginners guide that will get you started raising quail on the groud in a safe enclosed habitat suitable for a small or large homestead.

If you’re seeking greater self sufficiency that doesn’t require years worth of commitment then quail might be the solution.

Quail have a short life span, 3- 4 years which makes them a smart choice for people on the move or those who don’t have additional time to raise large poultry.

HOA rules normally don’t mention quail which means the suburbs now have an alternative to chickens.  Quail are also quieter and will offer hours of enjoyment.

No Fluff Perfect for Beginners

This is a no fluff book written by someone who raises quail in a natural environment and makes it work. Carole teaches how to raise quail on the ground in a protected setting using stationary or mobile housing.

  • 15 Chapters, checklist and note space
  • Breed Options
  • Raising from Chicks
  • Quail Diet & Disease prevention
  • Business opportunities
  • Building plans and more

This is a ready to move forward instructional book perfect for beginners and can also be purchased on Amazon Here


What Others are Saying…


An engaging read….”  “containing everything you need to know to get started raising quail.” “…beautiful and helpful pictures.”

Robert of Rehoboth Ranch


Carole has done an outstanding job of introducing the practice of raising quail. Not only is her book inspiring and informative, but it’s also practical and shows you exactly what you need to get started with your own flock.  With the knowledge needed to avoid common mistakes, you’ll be on your way to a healthy flock in no time.  Carole has included a long list of resources that offer choosing breeds, showing your birds, and everything in between. This is a fantastic read for anyone interested in raising quail for food, show, or just the pleasure of enjoying their company.



I have always been interested in adding quail to our homestead and Carole has made it simple.  Her step by step “Getting Started Checklist” is priceless.  She has not left out a thing if you want to try your hand at raising quail.



This is such a thoroughly comprehensive guide that you’d be remiss not to consult if you’re considering quail.  Great information on getting started and keeping your quail healthy.  This guide answered questions I didn’t even know I had, it’s a must have resource!

Kathleen at THG


Carole begins by telling her story of how she first fell for quail as a young girl and how after moving to the country years later she set out to bring quail to her homestead, only to find little information about bird care and proper housing.  She learned the hard way but has made it her mission to make it easy for others by sharing all the important things to know about raising quail. 

Deborah Jean