Startle Garden eBook Bundle


Startle Garden eBook Bundle

This offer is only available for Startle Garden Series eBooks.

Plan to grow your best garden using smaller and taller raised beds that are easy to maintain.

  • You’ll receive 2 eBooks, SGN and SGH
  • Offer also includes Free Printable Seasonal Garden Planner
  • Learn how to select a garden space, build and establish raised beds.
  • Amend beautiful soil in easy steps.
  • Begin with seed, transplant, grow and harvest with simplicity.
  • Explore perennial and annual herb plant profiles.
  • Learn how to choose, grow, harvest and preserve fresh herbs.
  • Personalize your space with DIY garden projects.
  • Improve health by cooking with fresh herbs, includes recipes.
  • All this and more for $13.00
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