Startle Garden Herbs


Startle Garden Herbs – eBook

Discover growing fresh herbs in your startle garden, using smaller and taller raised beds that are easy to maintain.

  • Explore perennial and annual herb profiles.
  • Learn how to select, grow, harvest and preserve fresh herbs.
  • Duplicate easy to make DIY projects for the home and garden.
  • Improve health by cooking with fresh herbs.
  • Enjoy our family favorite recipes.
  • 113 pages waiting to add value to your lifestyle.

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About This Book

Startle Garden Herbs begins with perennial and annual profiles that are good choices for this gardening system.

You’ll learn the benefits of growing fresh herbs in smaller and taller raised beds that are easier to maintain.

I love growing herbs and this book was a natural progression to expand the Startle Garden series.  You’ll be amazed at the possibilities and appreciate the health benefits that follow.

This is your guide to learning more about which herbs to grow and getting it right.

Startle Garden is a system I put together to simplify and yet make the most of my growing space without a lot of effort.

Join me and many others, Carole West