Startle Garden


Startle Garden Now – eBook

Plan to grow your best garden using simplified methods proven to work for generations.

  • Learn how to choose a space, establish raised beds and improve your soil.
  • Begin with seed, transplant, grow and harvest in easy steps.
  • We also discuss adding garden decor to personalize your space.
  • 105 page eBook ready to help you grow your best garden.

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About This Book

I wrote this book to benefit new and seasoned gardeners.  Startle Garden Now walks you through how to establish a natural garden foundation wthout skipping steps. This is a straight- forward system, to help you plan and grow your best garden.

You’ll learn how to create a garden that makes a statement using smaller and taller raised beds.  This is an easy to care for space and your guide to natural gardening.  I even included garden decor projects I call “flair,”  like putting your personal stamp on your garden.

If your wish is to grow a garden that’s easy to maintain, then you’re in the right place.  You’ll learn how to set up, plant and maintain a growing space that produces and makes you proud.  It’s a simple system that works with little effort once set up.

This is the system I use here at Garden Up Green.


What Other’s Are Saying:

Thank you SO MUCH! I love the book. Super inspiring. Thank you for the concept, It’s awesome.  Like most brilliant ideas – it keeps things simple and therefore do-able.  Love that-Laurie


As a home gardener for over 30 years I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to get their fingers into the garden. I am amazed at how easy to follow and how comprehensive the information covers. Everything from planning, planting, harvesting and yearly maintenance. The checklist, and printable pages are also a great addition, helping the gardener stay on track. Anyone who follows this book would surely have a startle garden they would cherish. Patti, Hearth and Vine


The book starts out explaining the origin of the “Startle Garden” and gets you going on selecting the right soil, location, and design. The author provides options for raised beds, important steps for preparing, maintaining rich soil, and choosing proper plants. She then provides valuable information on seed selection, germination, and transplanting care.

Chapter 9, “Adding Garden Flair,” is where ideas for personalizing your garden by adding “fun, artistic items that incorporate personality.” Truthfully, I’ve never been that creative in my garden before, but the pictures and ideas are inspiring! Dara, Molly Green Magazine


Forget the complicated processes for growing a gorgeous garden! I love this book for so many reasons, but mostly because it’s simple, practical, and so doable. Jam packed with advice for taking you from nothing but desire to a flourishing Startle Garden.

I’ve been gardening for all of my adult life, but some of the concepts in this book are total game changers. Composting doesn’t have to be a complex system of expensive equipment and careful management. Carole’s no-nonsense approach (which I’ve been using since I first read about it on her blog) yields amazing results – with very little effort.

My favorite chapter from the book shows how Carole adds flair to her garden beds by adding decor pieces she acquires or makes, and shares a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own unique garden signs.  Karen, To Work with My Hands


If you love the thought of creating a beautiful garden, but are overwhelmed on where to begin, this book is your ticket to success!  But don’t be fooled by the beautiful imagery. Carole breaks it down, so you too can create an oasis. – Donna, Funky Junk Interiors


Both beginner and seasoned gardeners will find valuable gems in Carole’s Startle Garden. Her take on the backyard garden contains practical information: soil, sowing, maintaining, and harvesting, but it also goes beyond with wonderful tips on how to add garden flair. We all desire productive and successful gardens, and this book has all of the tools and tips to get you there. – Courtney, The Kitchen Garten


Startle Garden is my new favorite book. As soon as you open, you’re drawn in by Carole’s passion for gardening, a wealth of useful information, and beautiful photos. While it is the perfect book for the novice gardener, it is so much more than that. This is not just a book to read, but rather a book to use as you go.

 I love that she emphasizes adding beauty and flair to the garden with eye-catching flowers, attractive containers, and cute garden signs. Both the novice and experienced gardener will find nuggets of inspiration from each page. – Jennifer, My Flagstaff Home