Protect Plants From Frost Using Burlap

Learn how to protect plants in the garden from frost using burlap material.

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How to Protect Plant from Freeze with burlap

Depending on where you live, I bet cooler temperatures have already arrived?

We’re still waiting but I have to tell you, even when it drops to 80 degrees, it feels cooler. Which means our mornings have been pretty fantastic around here.

I’ve been going for morning walks, finding leaf piles that have me thinking maybe I need to make a fall wreath?

Before that happens, I want to share how you can use natural burlap to protect the garden from frost.


Why I’m Using Burlap to Protect the Garden from Freeze:

  • All natural.
  • Allows a little ventilation.
  • Covers lightly protecting plants without crushing foliage.
  • Can be used for a lot of other things in the garden.
  • It’s easy to store and when it looks retired, it can be recycled back into the soil.

Let me also add that burlap just looks better than some of the materials I’ve used in the past.

What does freezing temperatures mean for your garden?  The answer varies so I’ve tried to explain it from light, moderate to serious.

  • The light freeze: 29° to 32°F—when annual plants expire and some perennial herbs and flowers stop growing till spring.
  • A moderate freeze: 25° to 28°F—very destructive state and additional covering may be necessary for longer periods of time.
  • Or the serious harsh freeze: 24°F and colder—when heavy damage can occur, especially to roses and more delicate perennials.

Where to get burlap

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Where to Purchase Burlap

If you don’t already have burlap hanging around the garden shed you might want to check feed stores for burlap bags, these will be inexpensive and probably have some kind of logo printed on them.  They’re also good for storing potatoes.

I decided to begin by purchasing new from the fabric store because I wanted large quantities that will drape over the beds.

Later I found a great deal online where the rest of my burlap came from.

Find burlap here on Amazon – it’s pretty sweet!

If you’re a prime customer you can get it delivered lightning fast which is even better.

Beds to Cover

There are several ways you can use burlap to cover plants and as you can see my beds are pretty dirty.

A few weeks ago, I started shrinking the garden, raising the beds higher and painting to match the tiny house on this property.

It’s been a process and when finished, you’ll be the first to see it.

Easy to Cover

How to Use Burlap for Plant Coverings

Some folks have more elaborate plans when covering the garden and that makes sense, especially if you live in climates where temperatures decrease towards a harsh freeze.

Here in Texas our winters do get cold but they don’t last long so I like to keep things simple and just lightly cover the beds as shown here.

If it’s windy, I use rocks or bricks in the corners of beds to keep from flying away.

You can also add stakes into the soil and lay the burlap over top so it doesn’t rest on the plants.

PVC pipe would be another option by making hoops and follow up with draping burlap over top; these options are a personal preference.

Keeping things uncomplicated is where my attention gravitates because even though I love gardening it makes sense never to let it take over my life.

I learned that little lesson while living on our farrm.

Covers are added in the evening then removed in the morning when the temperatures jump forward.  This allows the garden to enjoy that amazing sunlight the rest of the day.

Protecting your plants from frost using burlap is just an easy way to cover annuals to keep them growing for a longer period.  For those of you in much colder climates I’ve used tarps in the past; they work like a charm. I’ve even used these garden covers here.

Hope you have a great day y’all and thiink about doing something fun.

Like I don’t know maybe join me and make that fall wreath I was talking about earlier.

Still thinking about that burlap? Purchase Here on Amazon

How to Protect Plant from Freeze with burlap

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  1. Christine says:

    Right now I just use natural mulch along with leaves we rake up off our lawn and then layer them in the gardens too!! But burlap would definitely be a great option and I’ve got plenty of it from the farm!! Thanks for the tips!!

    1. Carole says:

      I like to extend the life of certain plants like lettuce and broccoli.

  2. Patti says:

    I have never done this but have thought about it. Especially for the mop head hydrangeas I have. They rarely bloom for me and I blame spring frosts. Maybe this will be the year for burlap.

    1. Carole says:

      I would give it a try because if it works and you share it, that may help others because so many people love hydrangeas.

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