Quail Getting Started

My Quail Journey

I started raising quail on our farm for eggs and meat.  Through my journey I fell in love with these birds and all they had to offer.

I raise my flock on the ground in a natural environment.  

Originally, I began small with a 4 x 8 frame.  Then I kicked things up a notch and went with a large stationary sanctuary. 

That was a game changer, allowing me to learn more about these birds than I ever wanted to know.

QGS is a no fluff book with what you need to know before taking the plunge. Once you begin raising quail on the ground you’ll wonder why others waste time with cages.

Quail Getting Started

The QGS guide was written for beginners. 

If you're interested in raising quail on the ground for the purpose of eggs and meat then let's get started.

These birds are perfect for any farm, homestead or backyard.

  • Discover breeds, beginning with Coturnix Quail.
  • Where to purchase quail locally and online.
  • Starting with chicks and brooder set-up.
  • Raising from chicks and how to feed.
  • Building Plans offer a variety of ground style housing options.
  • Building Plans for travel cages and shelter boxes.
  • Checklist so you don't skip steps.