Quail Shelter Boxes

Learn how to use quail shelter boxes for grown raised quail in captivity.

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It’s been a week since the quail moved into their new home and they’re flying.  They love their new home which is awesome!

Some type of shelter box was necessary so I built two different styles from scrap wood specifically for quail.

These shelters could also be referred to as huts or nesting boxes; the purpose is for the quail to have a place to hide during severe weather.

Coturnix Quail do have strong instincts and when I first started raising them I thought for sure they would use nesting boxes.

I was proven wrong and discovered they prefer shelter for cover from rain and hot temperatures.

When it comes to laying eggs they always go for tall grass areas.

I built two shelter styles, one provides an open ground and the other has a wire floor allowing the birds to get off ground in case heavy rain occurs.

I prefer the off ground version for younger quail that haven’t reached maturity.

The open ground shelter is also great because I can put their food dish inside, which depletes waste when it does rain.

This box is about 3 ft. allowing for room to move and several quail to occupy. Both boxes were made from scrap wood which is another bonus, using what you already have is a great way to experiment without added expense.

These shelters were built based on the needs of the quail and they work great.

I later realized they could also work for baby chicks, ducklings or even rabbits.  It’s always neat when you build something new that can also be used for other purposes.

Try building a few of these shelters for your own quail with DIY instructions here.


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  1. Erika says:

    Hello Carole,
    I have been reading a great deal about your experiences with quail and I am so excited about the prospect of raising quail in my backyard. I really love the idea of raising them naturally outside on the ground, but I have heard that quail excrement is quite smelly, which is why many people opt for wire bottom enclosures which can be cleaned easily. I was wondering how the smell is when you keep quail on the ground? I want to be considerate of my neighbors, so this will be a determining factor between keeping the quail outside in a natural environment vs inside my garage in more typical quail pens.

    Thank you!

    1. Carole says:

      I’ve been receiving some great quail questions lately and Erika this is a good one.
      I want to send you over the coop options I’ve implemented so far > https://www.gardenupgreen.com/category/quail-coops

      Some are stationary and some mobile. The scent others refer to comes from over crowding and the birds being stuck in the same place. If you raise quail in the garage expect odor even with clean bedding because it’s difficult to remove even with a wire ground as quail can mess on the wood of their frame too. With the systems I’ve used they’re closed in with mesh or wire allowing the rain to wash away the mess. I’ve also used a stationary rotational system which works really great. If you’re limited on space then the mobile system would be ideal and it’s so easy to implement. Quail require 1 sq ft per bird so the main thing to remember is build to the size of your flock – for me personally I like to give them additional space because it makes the experience more enjoyable. Also with the garage thing you could be inviting issues like mice. Quail do amazing on the ground when they’re allowed to live according to their instincts. I hope this has helped. Should have a new quail post up Friday… again great questions and I like that you’re thinking of your neighbors. -Carole

  2. A local petting zoo does a program where you can get an incubator and hatch button quails. I'm hoping to do that with my children this year in our homeschool 🙂 I still need to figure out where we are going to keep them. They are teeny and normal chicken wire won't work when they are young.

    1. Hello Missy – That's neat I home schooled my kids too and always enjoyed the outside opportunities around us. You can brood quail just like Chickens in a plastic container. You'll have to check out my quail page for some of the coop ideas I've tried out, I've also shared styles from others. You can use chicken wire for the walls if you base the bottom with wood. If I can help or answer any questions please feel welcome to ask. – Carole

  3. Anonymous says:

    Reading about your experiences helps me in preparing for our birds. No idea when that time will come, but I do know it's around the corner and things are falling into place. Quail was one of the birds we had considered, but didn't know enough about to feel comfortable bringing them home. Thanks for your posts, I am feeling much better about raising quail! Thank you!

    1. That's wonderful and thanks for sharing – I'll be writing about breeds soon and so many other things. Glad I could help they're a wonderful bird and a great addition. -Carole

  4. monkey says:

    carole everything worked perfectly today xx

    1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know I really appreciate it. Have a Great Sunday! -Carole

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