Raised Bed From Junk

Garden raised bed made from junk pieces found on the homestead.

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I have a simple thought process when it comes to leftover junk, “If it can be used then make it happen, otherwise get rid of it.”

This raised bed transpired out of junk that I decided to make happen.  I’ve been doing a lot of shoveling lately and my January plans have become dust in the wind.

I decided to change things up by adding some creativity, which means I’ll be planting in some unique options this year.

This raised bed is a great example, it’s simple and the soil is rich with nutrients.  I’m beyond excited because once again hard work pays off.

We’re using a lot of landscaping timbers and recycled containers.

All of my raised beds are open to the ground  to welcome those worms.

This particular bed was established with warped landscaping timers, cement pieces and a burn barrel that I filled with dirt and planted chocolate mint.

Then I painted the base of the barrel because all that rust wasn’t working for me.

A raised bed can come from just about anything.  I’m a firm believer in getting creative with what you have as long as you can make it look pretty good.  Which means I’m hoping once everything is growing these spaces look a lot better then they do now.

Gardening doesn’t need to break the bank, recycled materials work just as good as new.

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  1. I love this! Some people think it is expensive to start a garden. Not when you keep your eyes open and be creative with found items. I found you through the Green Thumb Thursday linkup.

    1. Hello Rachel – Glad you found me – I completely agree and I think others think it's expensive because they're trying for more of a traditional landscaped approach. I enjoy being creative setting myself apart and when possible always reuse. I did this when I lived in the city, suburbs and now the country. It's more fun to get creative! Thanks for stopping by. -Carole

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