Reclaimed Wood Gift Boxes

Easy to make Coffee and Cocoa gift boxes to share with neighbors and friends. #HomemadeGifts, #GiftBoxes

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At Christmas I like to do something nice for my neighbors, in the country we have very few nearby which means I take a little more time making up something super fun. Because I live in the country neighbors are further away than those in the suburbs.

I’m blessed because I have two neighbors that are great; one actually grew up on our farm and was raised in our home.

It’s a good feeling knowing if I need anything they’re just a phone call away.

Today’s gift boxes are for these neighbors; I plan to fill them with matching goodies that compliment cocoa and coffee.

Christmas Cocoa Gift Box

Hot Cocoa has been a staple this year; thankfully I still exercise so I can burn off those additional calories.

This box comes with a rounded presentation that was easy to incorporate with a jig saw;  if you have a scroll saw that would be even better.

I wanted to offset the tree stencil by giving the box a little softness; this is also why I chose ribbon for the handle.

I love this filled with the pine and cones, a little holly in the mix would also be sweet.  You can apply whatever you like and personalize with a unique flair.


Homestead Blend Coffee Gift Box

This box is great because you can actually use it year round allowing you to create your own coffee bar right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

I used my swirl cut technique to add a little uniqueness to the box. Cutting these swirls can be a little dangerous because I used a jig saw.  Once again a scroll saw would be a safer option.

I used the same ribbon technique for the handle because I love how it added character. I’m a huge fan of country styled ribbon and this burlap chevron was the perfect fit.  I can hardly wait to fill this box with goodies and deliver!

Make Your Own

So what if you want to make your own gift boxes like these but you’re not sure where to begin?  I’ve got you covered and the following links will help you get started.
Both boxes were a joy to assemble and stencil and I have to say I make these boxes all the time because it’s one of my favorite gift presentations.

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