Spring Stencil Garden Sign Project

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Spring Stencil Challenge and 8 Bloggers using this stencil

I’ve teamed up with 8 bloggers to celebrate spring with a fun stencil challenge.

We all made something different using the same stencil, “Bloom where you are Planted”

My project was an entry sign for the house that is super easy to duplicate and I’m going to show you how.

This is a talented group of ladies and we thought this challenge would be a fun way to get y’all excited about spring.

Stencil From Oakland Stencil

It took me a little while to track down this stencil and there it was on Etsy in all its glory and I knew it would be perfect for this challenge.
This is a 7 mil laser cut mylar stencil measuring 12 x 20, the design is actually 10 x 18.

For me this project came together using a thick piece of reclaimed wood and a mason jar.  The wood was leftover from a house project and it’s been collecting dust in the workshop for the last year.

Applying Stain

The first thing I did was apply dark walnut stain on all sides of the board.

Wear gloves and distribute the stain evenly with a rag wiping off the excess.  The board should soak up the stain pretty fast if you’re using raw wood.

When dry add something heavy duty to the back for hanging purposes.  For me this involved two screws and a wire as shown above.

The final detail included two holes on the bottom right hand side. This is where we’ll hang our Mason jar towards the end of the project.

You can find more on garden art in my book Startle Garden – I love adding garden flair to my growing space it just makes it look inviting.


Stenciling is next and I really enjoy this activity because it’s relaxing and makes such a wonderful statement.

You can get my stencil tips here and I highly recommend using chalk paint because it dries super fast.

Stenciling is a matter of less paint on your brush when you transfer your design and work at a  slow relaxing pace…

Adding Ribbon

After the letters dry  feed the ribbon through the back side of the board and strap it around the base of the Mason jar.  I also added a thin piece of wire for additional support.

The final touch was to fill the jar with water and add flowers.

This time I couldn’t resist tulips because they happen to be a favorite.

Additional Ideas

If cut flowers aren’t your thing then switch out the Mason jar with a clay pot and add some cute pansies or primroses which are perfect for spring.

I was looking for a way to jazz up the entry of our home and I think the cut flowers were a good choice since I’ll be growing many fresh flowers in the garden this summer.

I can already visualize bright colors of zinnias and sunflowers growing.

This is a fun project and it’s great to have something new and cheerful for the home. Now let’s click the links below and see what these amazing ladies created on their blogs.

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Spring Stencil Challenge and 8 Bloggers using this stencil

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  1. Patti says:

    That was a great challenge and I love this sentiment. Bloom where you are planted and want what you already have. Adding a built-in vase is an added plus.

    1. Carole says:

      That was a fun challenge – kind of miss these because they pushed me to try new things. I have this tendency to stick with what I enjoy which is also good but sometimes it’s also good to be inspired to do something different.

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