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Plan to Grow Fresh Herbs

Let's Grow Fresh Herbs

Are you ready to expand your garden?

Incase we haven't met, I'm Carole West founder of Startle Garden. 

I love growing in smaller and taller raised beds because they're so easy to maintain.  Which means I have more free time to do other things, like raise quail.

Herb plants happen to be my favorite. I harvest quite the variety and enjoy cooking with them for a healthier lifestyle.

With SGH you can learn how to grow a combination in beds and containers.  You'll also discover the ease of preserving and cooking with fresh herbs.  

Plan to Grow Fresh Herbs

Grow better health by growing fresh herbs.

  • We continue with smaller and taller raised beds.
  • Explore perennial and annual herb profiles.
  • Learn how to select, grow, harvest and preserve fresh herbs.
  • Duplicate easy to make DIY projects for the home and garden.
  • Discover reliable container options.
  • Improve health by cooking with fresh herbs.
  • Enjoy our family favorite recipes.
  • 113 pages of goodness.
  • SGH is waiting to add value to your lifestyle.