Startle Gardening Begins Here

Let's Grow a Garden

Hello Friends, I’m Carole West

Startle Garden is a growing system I created to simplify those long hours of maintenance without skipping steps.  

Through trial and error, things came together.  I've been growing with SG for years and it didn't take long to realize I needed to share it with others.

We embrace methods proven to work for generations using smaller and taller raised beds that are easy to maintain.

Learn how to grow fresh vegetables, healthy herbs, beautiful cut flowers and tasty berries.

Whatever your lifestyle, you can learn how to grow any size garden and have great success.

Plan to Grow your Best

Grow with ease using smaller and taller raised beds.

  • Learn how to choose a space, build and establish healthy raised beds.
  • Amend beautiful soil with direct compost and natural materials.
  • Get seasonal maintenance so your soil is always prime.
  • Begin with seed, transplant, grow and harvest with simplicity.
  • Personalize your space with DIY projects and creative garden flair ideas. 
  • Beginners will learn the garden process in sequence.
  • Includes checklist and workbook pages for planning.
  • 105 pages ready to help you grow your best garden.
  • Don’t hesitate, let's get started today!

    Plan to Grow Fresh Herbs

    Get a jump start on living healthier by growing fresh herbs.

    • We continue with smaller and taller raised beds.
    • Explore perennial and annual herb profiles.
    • Learn how to select, grow, harvest and preserve fresh herbs.
    • Duplicate easy to make DIY projects for the home and garden.
    • Discover reliable container options.
    • Improve health by cooking with fresh herbs.
    • Enjoy our family favorite recipes.
    • 113 pages of goodness.
    • SGH is waiting to add value to your lifestyle.

    I wrote this series for you…

    Startle Garden is the set-up I use here.

    This system has brought forward years of gardening enjoyment that complements a great lifestyle.  

    It will also help you plan to grow as much self- reliance you may desire.

    Friends, Gardening doesn’t need to be difficult.  This is your destination to getting it right the first time around.

    If your wish is to grow a garden that produces and is easy to maintain, then you’re in the right place.