Tea Cup Trio Bird Feeder

Take Vintage tea cups and turn them into a DIY trip bird feeder for the garden.

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A Trio Bird Feeder the birds will love

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Making bird feeders is fun and after going through some boxes I discovered three vintage tea cups.  Two were sent from my mom a few years ago and the one with pink roses was a gift from grandma when I was around 11.

I spent most of my summer hours at Grandma’s home helping in the garden, yard and any project where there was opportunity to learn. We were always busy and when free time surfaced we visited her friends.  I tagged along; sometimes it was boring but others it was kind of fun because these ladies loved to spoil me.

One time we spent several afternoons cleaning up her friend’s yard.  This lady wasn’t capable of doing so herself and after her husband passed well she sort of did too.  I wasn’t thrilled about this project but grandma reminded me it was nice to help others.

Every day she greeted us with a smile, which encouraged me to do a good job.  I’ll never forget her saying, I was a sweet girl and such a help to my grandma.  Not knowing what to say in return, I just smiled…  Sometimes I still respond to positive comments that same way…

Through this experience I discovered helping others was good but watching this lady light up every time we arrived was even better.

When the end of the week arrived, my grandma praised me for doing a good job and surprised me with a gift from her china cabinet, the tea cup with pink roses.  It was a thank you gift and to this day I’m reminded of those afternoons where I learned the value of helping others.

So, when I ran into these cups I decided to get creative and turn them into a trio bird feeder.

Tea Cup Bird Feeder Supplies

The Supplies for this project are pretty simple and you may have most of them lying around in your own workshop.  Get creative, change things up if you like and if you don’t have tea cups visit a thrift or junk store because they always have dishes that need recycling.

Wood, hardware and tools can be purchased from any home improvement store and finishing details for the wood stain are linked below.

Tools and Materials

  • Electric Saw and drill with bit.
  • Hammer and finishing nails.
  • Diamond Head drill bit used for cutting glass or ceramic.
  • WD 40 or water for drilling tea cups.
  • Gray Sticky tape for tea cups.
  • Three small screws and hand screw driver.
  • One 6 ft. Cedar Fence Board.
  • A rag and Dixie Belle Gel Stain, Colors Tobacco Road and Bayou Moss, Get here.
  • Ribbon – anything you like, mine came from Hobby Lobby.
  • Of course we’ll need Bird Seed.

Wood Stain with Gel

Cut, Sand and Stain Wood

  • Cut two walls at 2 ft. each.
  • Cut three shelves at 7 in. each.

Sand the wood if necessary before applying Dixie Belle gel stain, this is a fun easy to use product.

Shake the bottle really good then squirt liquid onto the wood and spread it out with the rag.  It’s really that simple to use and if you want a darker finish then add a second coat after the first dries.

The brown was one coat and I used two with the bayou moss because it was pretty light the first time around.  This stain also comes in a gray color that’s really nice.

You will LOVE it and what I like it washes right off your hands with soapy warm water.  Get it here…


Drill the Tea Cups for Bird Feeder

Drilling the Saucer

I decided to only drill the saucer just in case later I want to make something else with these tea cups.  Use the Diamond head drill bit on a slow speed; take your time…

  1. First set the saucer onto a towel or heavy-duty rag.
  2. Spray with WD 40 and mix in some water.
  3. Begin drilling in the center and once completed there will be a hole, clean off residue and repeat the process with the next two.

Beginning to attach the bird feeder box

Connect the Feeder Box

Begin by connecting the side walls to the bottom shelf with finishing nails from the outside.  I applied two nails on each end and then moved onto installing the next two shelves.

Adding the Shelves in the Feeder

Add the Shelves

Space the shelves at a distance of 8 inches and connect from the outside just like the base.  After the shelves are connected drill two holes at the top on each side so we can attach ribbon for the hanger later.

NOTE: Choose a drill bit size that will allow the ribbon to fit tight without slipping through.


Adding the Tea Cups

Adding the Tea Cups

For this part of the project I used materials we already had in our workshop.  Three small screws will attach the saucers to each board, screw in place by hand held screw driver. (DO NOT USE THE DRILL)

  • Twist the screw driver slowly to keep from breaking the saucers.
  • Add the Tea Cups using the sticky seal tape and place onto the saucer.

Adding Ribbon for Details

Add the Ribbon and Bird Feed

Add ribbon for the hanger, do this by tying knots off each end and make sure they don’t slip through the holes.  I added additional ribbon just for detail and then bird seed filled the tea cups.

I like loose feed because it’s fun to watch the birds pick and choose what they like.


For now, my trio bird cup feeder is hanging from a hook on our shed porch.

Eventually I’ll move it over to the quail area where I’m creating sort of a bird park.  Wait till you see it!

Hope you enjoyed this project, it may take about a couple hours to complete but the birds will love you for taking the time.

It’s a fun Bird Feeder that adds a little cover and plenty of space for additional birds to visit and enjoy.

A Trio Bird Feeder the birds will love



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  1. daisy says:

    What a sweet story about your grandma. Clearly, you took her words to heart because look how many folks you have helped!

    Beautiful cups!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Daisy… to heart absolutely yes….

  2. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    What a cute and simple project. Love this
    Only thing that I would do different, instead of using 3 tea cups of food, is by adding a small saucer/ container of water for the birds
    Thank You

    1. Carole says:

      You could do that of course – great idea… My bird area is right next to our creek so the birds go down there for water.

      1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

        we have no creek close by but I do have water containers / bird baths sitting around through out the yard along with several bird houses and food containers.
        Been enjoying seeing the humming birds as well which keeps me busy making sugar water keeping their feeders filled. I just bought a 25 lb. bag of sugar so it should; hopefully will last for a few months. :}

        1. Carole says:

          That’s awesome – I’ve got a fun humming bird project coming soon…. This one will include a story about my grandpa Pete… He was a quiet Italian man who was the one that did most of the gardening when they raised their family… This will be a fun one to share…

          Sounds like you have a wonderful yard for the birds to enjoy -you must love that activity I know I do…. It makes me smile and it’s so peaceful…

  3. Patti says:

    Oh, these are so gorgeous and what a great reminder to your sweet grand parents. I bet you smile every time you look at this.

    1. Carole says:

      These are my last three tea cups so it seemed like a neat project. Looking forward to finding a heavy duty branch I can reach in the Bird area to hang it because the birds seems a little timid to visit on the front porch.

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