Texas Home and Garden Dallas Fall Show 2015

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It was another fun weekend where inspiration and new ideas transpired.

We brought Bobwhite quail to the Texas Home and Garden Show in Dallas and they really didn’t like it. Robert had to cover part of the cage to help keep them calm; this worked perfectly.

It’s always great to have him by my side at these shows; his support and help is fantastic.

Before I jump in with everything I want to thank everyone who participated in the workshops on Saturday and Sunday.  These activities are complimentary from Texas Home and Garden and I enjoy leading each one.

I also want to thank the THG Staff, especially Katie, she even got a chance to build this weekend. Thank you to Melissa for the pictures and Dave for the nice hotel room, it was so quiet and peaceful.

The Seed Box Workshop

We built seed boxes both days, the set up was more of a walk in workshop which was a lot of fun and allowed me to walk around and visit a little with everyone.
These boxes were similar to this do dad box project.

The Team Build Planter Box

The team build was a hit and one little guy surprised me when he said, It’s hammer time!

Many kids participated with their families bringing forward enthusiasm .  This was so neat to watch families spend time together, especially in today’s fast pace life where were always in a hurry.

For those who attended each team walked away with a simple box they could use for planting or inside the home.

It my hope they have fun finishing their projects, making them their own.

If you missed this workshop and want to build your own check out Placing Things Together.  You may be able to figure out the concept by looking at those photos.

Quail Getting Started

Once I was finished with the workshops I was out front talking about quail and sharing my book with others.  I never thought autographing a book could be so fun!

Raising quail in the backyard is a new concept, people first think chickens and after we start talking they begin to see quail is a great alternative.


Backyard Quail Coop Workshop Giveaway

The Backyard Quail Coop Workshop was great and everybody who attended seemed interested in getting started raising quail. I was mainly speaking on how to use this coop in the backyard; I uncovered the desire for more information on the birds which was fantastic.

When this workshop was finished it was time to giveaway this quail coop.  This is the hardest part because I want everyone to win.

When I called the winners name this sweet lady was completely shocked and excited at the same time. She even got to take home the quail I brought.

This was another great weekend…


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