Texas Home and Garden – Dallas Spring Show

Texas Home and Garden DIY Workshops with Carole West Spring season 2015

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Last weekend was spent in Dallas at the Texas Home and Garden Show. The workshops began with raising quail in the backyard or homestead.

It was a joy to share these neat little birds; I think those quail love the shows too.

When I got them home they were also happy to be back on the ground.


This was the first workshop of the day.  I’m always a little nervous in the beginning; I think it’s that moment of wondering what others will think.

This was a neat crowd and some familiar faces arrived which was fun.

I was able to chill and enjoy pretty quickly, it’s a matter of remembering why I take time to share what I do.

When others smile back and say thank you it’s simply the best.

Robert is great; he walked all over the show with the quail so others would know about the workshops.

It was a real help having him there and he had fun visiting with everyone.

He mentioned that many kids ran towards his direction to see the birds instead of going into the bounce house. That’s simply fantastic!


This is a sky view of the show floor and the workshop space was in the black curtains.  That was a nice space and I didn’t have to share with anyone, I could get use to that.

Everybody was awesome; we were in the beginning stages of building bird feeders.   We had a few extra kits so I gave them away towards the end.

The best thing about these building workshops is everyone leaves with a smile.  It’s neat and it makes me happy because for an hour we gather about 20 people of all ages and have fun.

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