The Quail of Exodus

The Quail of Exodus an inspirational read from the desert of sin.

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What does the start of your day look like?

For far too many people they hit the ground running with just enough time to do what they need to do and get where they need to get.

The majority of my mornings begin with a homemade latte and a good read from my bible.  If that means I have to wake up a half hour earlier then that’s what I do.

I’m currently enjoying Exodus, it’s one of my favorites and I retreat there often.


Exodus demonstrates the weakness and strength of human nature and the power of God’s almighty word…

I find these stories provide examples of leadership and how to move forward.

A reminder that believing and trusting in something greater than this earth is forever eternal.


Earlier this week I was taken down an avenue of rediscovery while reading chapter sixteen.

This is where God sent an amazing number of quail into the wilderness of sin, the period after Mosses opened the Red Sea.

This opening allowed the Israelite’s to cross and be free from the Egyptians control.

The beginning of a journey to the promise land.

A very long journey…


I started thinking about those quail and decided they must have been coturnix.

Coturnix are also known as Japanese quail and there’s several varieties.


I quickly placed my attention on the Pharaoh, because to me their markings resemble Egyptian art.

These quail have been stated to roam the shores of the Mediterranean and specifically the Egyptians are known to catch them for meat.


If we fast forward these same birds, were imported to North America in the late 1800’s from Europe and Asia.

For years people have enjoyed them as a delicacy where today some believe they’re a waste of time due to their size.

These same people miss how quail are an excellence source of nutrition with a rapid growth rate.


So, where am I going with this…


When I first started raising quail, I began with a variety of Coturnix quail.

The truth is, I had no idea what I was doing and I was going against the grain of man by raising them on the ground.


My decision was based on research, leading me to understand they were created as ground birds.

I was told by man that raising quail on the ground was impossible.


Determined to figure it out I moved forward…

If being honest, I couldn’t understand why anyone would raise these birds against their instincts.


During my journey which included hours and hours of observation I uncovered a sense of peace by watching their activity.

These birds blossomed on the ground…

Raising quail became my passion and I learned more than I ever thought possible or even really wanted to know…


Many thought my time was being wasted but all along I knew in my heart that God connected me with these little birds for a reason.

Just as he connects us with all of his creations…


That peace I mentioned has always been difficult to explain, but it’s clear that as I studied quail, I was also growing my faith…


I find that when we follow the crowd too many times, we miss what God has truly planned for our lives.  We become weak like many of the Israelite’s in the wilderness of sin…


This tendency to go through our days murmuring negativity, giving into fear and putting our trust in man is a sign of weakness.


If we are to be strong individuals our faith is best placed in God’s word.

He is our greatest leader for he is always there ready to love, encourage and teach the truth…


God is almighty and it’s interesting how he always finds his way into my activity.  It’s that constant reminder, belief, love and trust that lifts me up to always move forward.

Friends, there are many lessons in the book of Exodus and it’s my hope I’ve inspired you to read more…


Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West

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  1. Jemma says:

    Good Sunday Afternoon Carole,
    This well written article blessed my heart today and is in complete correlation with one of my Bible Studies for this particular Sunday. It is not coincidental that you have tapped into the gifts that God placed on your heart and that you are listening to the Holy Spirit. You are not conforming to the patterns of this world, rather you are being transformed by the renewing of your mind. You amaze me and I am so proud of you for not conforming to the herd mindset of life.
    I hope we will see more articles of Faith on your blog. Goodness knows we all need more of this in our lives.You write so well and straight from your heart.

    1. Carole West says:

      You are so kind Jemma,
      If inspired through my bible reading then yes I will write more here and there.
      Never conforming friend, following the crowd isn’t living for Christ…


  2. Joe Adams says:

    Wonderful connection to the bible and good information

  3. Loretta says:

    Perfect! (especially in today’s time) Always trusting in the Lord.

  4. Sharon says:

    Awesome! And yes, inspiring. 🙂

  5. Susan says:


    Have a blessed day!

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