The Rose Tip Round Up

The rose tip round up is filled with awesome tips and inspiration for your garden space.

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Close your eyes and think of a rose smell…  What memory does that bring up?

We all have at least one good memory associated with roses and mine happens to be followed by the Jacaranda rose.


The Jacaranda is a fuchsia, strongly scented long stem rose and I was first introduced in my floral shop days, which was a very long time ago.

My memory revolves around a special day, September 20th when Robert and I celebrated our marriage…  I did all my flowers and my bouquet was powerful with color and scent.

That bouquet was also heavy and I had to walk down a spiral staircase to meet my groom.

I remember sniffing my bouquet with closed eyes before the music started, taking in that Jacaranda rose scent and all I could do was smile…


I had no idea what the future would hold but I knew with Robert by my side the journey would be an adventure.



Easy Roses to Grow

I’ve written several blog posts on growing roses because they’re one of my favorite garden additions.

I love roses, there’s something fabulous about the layers of colorful petals.

They remind me with each layer of beauty lies another layer of wisdom.


With so many varieties I find that it’s the smaller roses that tend to be the least difficult to maintain.

Two of the most common would be the easy growing knock out and drift roses.

Learn how to propagate these roses here.


I also like the simplicity roses from Jackson and Perkins.  I grew these when we lived in Little Elm, Texas when the kids were young.  Talk about easy and beautiful.

I’ve dried simplicity roses for wreath projects using silica gel and talk about amazing…


Rose Tip Round Up

This rose tip round up continues because it’s one thing to purchase a great rose but it’s another to plant it where it can prosper into something wonderful.

So, I’ve gathered all the rose articles I wrote on the topic from my first year of blogging.  That seems like such a long time ago.


It’s my hope you find each one to be helpful information to guide your rose growing journey.

Friends, I’ve got those Jacaranda roses on my brain…  I’m thinking it might be time to start planning my next garden space.


Thanks for joining me today and I’d love to hear your favorite rose memory in the comments below.

Smiles and Sunshine, Carole West



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  1. Patti says:

    Carole, as much as I love ornamental gardening I haven’t grown many roses. In fact, I don’t have any on this property except for one miniature that my sister-in-law gave me. Maybe it’s time to try them again. Thanks for all the great tips.

    1. Carole West says:

      Hey Patti, You should add one this year. Check out Jackson and Perkins, they’re my favorite, they send them bare root and they grow into amazing bushes. I plan on diving back into their site because I’ve found that growing roses in raised beds is much better than at ground level. Hope you have a fantastic week friend.
      Hugs, Carole

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