Transplanting Blackberries

How to Transplant Blackberries from bare root or from one location to another. #GardenTips, #TransplantingBlackberries

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One of my projects in the garden seem to be either transplanting and propagating plants.  I know that sounds weird but there is something about the process that I enjoy.

I decided last week to transplant my sad blackberries in the middle of winter.  Let me add winter as been light here in North Texas and we’ve been experiencing some mild temperatures that prompted my efforts.

Normally I wouldn’t transplant berries this time of year, let’s see how things worked out.

Transplanting Process

My pitiful blackberries have taken a beating from rain and wind and for whatever reason they didn’t like this location.

Originally I had some old doors for the vines to climb up because I thought that would add some interest to the garden. Since it didn’t work out that great I changed those plans to open this space.

Beginning with removing the doors and there sat my blackberries wondering what was next.

There was this empty raised bed where cucumbers grew last summer.  I  cleaned it out in the fall, added Direct compost and llama fertilizer so I knew it was ready for plants.  Plus the lighting was perfect so we had a win, win situation.

Blackberries love the sunlight so don’t be afraid to plant them smack in the middle of it. They also require rich, moist soil which made this raised bed a perfect choice.

Digging the holes was easy work because it was nice and moist.  Since these plants are known for sprawling they should be planted 5 feet apart.  However I went 2 ft because a couple these look like they may no t make it.

Theses plants will grow about five feet so make sure you have something substantial for them to climb and remember to clip away any dead limbs.


Best time to Plant Blackberries

Plant new plant in early fall or spring.  Thornless blackberries love course soil, a mixture of sand, clay and natural elements is best.  This amending tip may help with preparing your blackberry soil here.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches included a bag of cypress mulch, basically wood chips.  This is supposed to stay in place when it rains, we shall see the chickens have been making quite a mess as they fling it here and there.

Transplanting blackberries is really easy; it’s a matter of moving the plant from one destination to the other and if you’re starting with bare root plants from the nursery then it’s just a matter of getting them in the ground.

Make sure their new location has been properly fertilized and water when necessary.

Blackberries are very hardy plants; they grow like a weed and one of the easiest berries to incorporate into any garden space.  You could even grow them along a fence adding a little edible privacy.



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  1. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Hello Carole…..was hoping to read how to trim the vines. What canes to cut out, etc. before I relocate my plants. They got so big last summer so I need to tame them before they begin to grow here in Maryland. We have 10 inches of snow on ground today–after three weeks of 60 – 70 degree weather, so yes, I am dreaming of SPRING–Only one more week. Keep posting.

    1. Carole says:

      Snow? Oh my Goodness I’m getting ready to head outdoors right now to build birdhouses for the farm stand. I’m pasting a different post that may be more helpful -I love to propagate so I use my trimming as a way to expand and thin out at the same time. My grandma use to say major pruning every 5 years and then trim vines in the fall. Fall or spring works just get it done before they start blooming.

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