Up-cycled Quail Coop

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My husband and I have been talking about raising quail on our farm.
I’ve been researching online housing options and almost everything is in some sort of cage, similar to a rabbit hutch.

I’m beginning to wonder why so few haven’t tried raising these birds on the ground.

I’m new to the idea of raising quail but I have to say my very first instinct is to put these birds in a natural environment so I’m sticking with it.

This weekend I decided to take one of our unused chicken coops and turn it into a quail coop, I guess it’s a bit of an upcycle project because some things will need to be changed.  Beginning with removing the wheels.

The opening on the second floor  has chicken wire and that will also need to be changed so I’m switching to a smaller wire so baby chicks don’t fall through.

I’m hoping they will use that second floor for nesting, perhaps a place to lay eggs.

The plan is to begin with the coturnix quail and from what I’ve read these birds are pretty domesticated so I’m questioning if this coop is going to work.

The ramp will stay also stay and they have plenty of ground space to keep them occupied in this 8 x 5 x 4 frame.   protective boards will also be added along the bottom  after the wheels are removed and then things should be set as I’m pretty excited to get started.

Raising Quail is another good option for the backyard if chickens are not welcomed where you live so keep following to see how things work because who knows you may just want to do something similar.

NOTE: Later I discovered this coop style wasn’t the best for Coturnix quail because they were partial to being on the ground.  It would probably be more suitable for Bobwhite quail; they enjoy moving around and testing their flight skills.


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  1. Salajan says:

    Hello !
    I love this coop! For many chickens is built ? Can i have its dimensions ?

    1. Carole @ Garden Up Green says:

      Awesome! it’s 4 x 8 height is 4 ft.
      If you put in 2 four ft. roosting bars you could get at east 8 in the house part of the coop.

      1. Salajan says:

        Many thanks !

  2. I have quail too. I learned the hard way that they will not use a ramp to go back into the coop. They'll come out, but not go back inside. They also do not need nest boxes or roosts. They lay their eggs wherever and sleep on the ground. I think you will find that they can escape through the chicken wire as babies and some, as adults. They are much different from chickens. I'll stick with chickens, personally. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. Thanks for sharing so I'm curious how do you house yours? I still have mine in the brooder now and plan to keep them there till our weather warms up. I'm thinking of adding smaller wire on the bottom of this coop, I already did that on the second floor. went ahead and made nesting boxes but I agree they probably won't use them. I tried this second floor thing because when it rains here we can get heavy rain that can leave mini ponds. Anyways if you have a picture of your set up I'd love to see it. Thanks! -Carole

  3. Farmer Jen says:

    We raise quail as a hobby, not to eat 🙂 I thought about getting rid of them but I love to hear them chatter to each other and the males whistle as I drink my coffee outside.

  4. Farmer Jen says:

    We raise quail as a hobby, not to eat 🙂 I thought about getting rid of them but I love to hear them chatter to each other and the males whistle as I drink my coffee outside.

    1. That's neat – I have noticed that are rather chit chatty and already have a couple whistlers. Very docile too! Can hardly wait to get them outside. -Carole

  5. I absolutely love this! It looks great too. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that your post will be featured at Thursday's The HomeAcre Hop. I will also tweet, facebook, and +1 your post. Please stop by and grab the featured button at:


    1. Thanks so much! We had an ice storm hit Sunday so I put off getting my quail for a few days. I pick them up tomorrow – So excited! I went ahead and added smaller wire on the upper bottom floor, took the wheels off and added nesting boxes. I really like this coop and so excited about raising quail. Thanks for the feature – I'm thrilled! I'll be by tomorrow and link to it with the banner, etc along with sharing the hop on G+ and Facebook – That hop is one of my favorites so many neat posts are shared each week. Blessings, Carole

  6. What a cool idea! Thanks for linking to TTF!

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    1. I just love Funky Junk Interiors and I'm glad you found my blog. Great idea and after this weekend I'll look into it, have a project I need to tackle. I checked out your blog it's very pretty. As for blogging I'm constantly learning, writing in a nitch or your passion is helpful. Before I started this project I did a lot of research, reading and training basically much of which is ongoing. I also had a farm blog for 3 years but just got tired of writing it because I used that blog as more of a personal journey to really find what I wanted to do which brought me to GardenUp. My goal is to not do what everybody else is doing. Spend fewer yet quality hours online so they matter and spend more time offline. You need an advertising options page to attract sponsors and then you go out and find them once your numbers start to rise. Look into Problogger read his third edition book or find some other trainer you might like better. You have to think outside the box, write from the heart and be an example. I hope that helps – I just got back from a home and garden show so I'm a little warped at the moment. -Carole

  8. Kathi says:

    Baby quail can go right through poultry wire – they are tiny! You can put pebbles in their waterer to keep them from drowning; we lost a few that way unfortunately.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

    1. Thanks for sharing – that's what I keep thinking so I'm going to add smaller wire over that chicken wire. I think the bottom walls will be fine because I've seen other coops online using it for the walls and this weekend those wheels come off. I order on Monday! Kind of excited we're raising for eggs and meat. -Carole

  9. Mary says:

    Stopping by from the You're Gonna Love it Tuesday linky 🙂 I'm not raising quail or chickens (would love to at some point!) but this looks amazing! Very creative.

    1. Hello Mary – I'm so glad you stopped by to share. This was a fun project and hope to have my quail here in another week.
      Glad you liked it. -Carole

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